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Shopper reviews have gone so far in shaping businesses in the digital marketplace. They appear to be more trustworthy than the word of a business because customers are unbiased and have nothing to gain for praising a website or a product. Online sites offer customers the ability to rate the products and services they have used as a public outlet to voice their experiences and opinions and thus benefit new buyers. In other words, because new customers cannot physically experience products before purchasing, they tend to read reviews as social proof to gain the proper guidance and insights about the products’ quality from people who have used them before. 

Shopper reviews

For illustration, new buyers always choose highly rated products because they think that high ratings signal high quality of products, and hence believe that such products would satisfy their needs.

Whether your business is about food, beauty, health, or even clothes, reviews play a crucial role in the buying process. They help you develop your brand, shed light on new products, surface issues with products, attract new leads, develop a customer base, and thus drive more revenue and sales. They are such an essential resource for your business and they are becoming more popular as days pass by.


Online reviews_product reviews

The statistics are enough to prove the importance of shopper reviews:

  • With the vast array of review sites and the level of trust most consumers have in reviews, almost everyone is reading online reviews before making a purchase. And according to research conducted by Dixa this year, she found that 93% of people read online reviews and 84% trust them as much as they would a personal recommendation


  • One study found that, on average, reviews produce 18% uplift in sales. Customers always favor to purchase from a website that has reviews than a website that lacks so; and that is because displaying reviews gives potential customers confidence in their purchasing decisions and reduces doubts of being a fake business. As such, this strengthens your brand’s reliability and credibility and results in more sales.
  • Based on a research, 82% of those who read shopper reviews specifically seek out negative reviews. Although that may seem alarming, there is a very important caveat to consider which is that the complete lack of negative reviews on products make it seem like an inauthentic business and untrustworthy.
  • In a 2019 study, 61% of U.S. online shoppers said that the quantity of reviews matters a lot to them. They want to see at least 40 positive reviews to start shopping on their website.


  • When choosing where to eat, what to do, where to go, where to buy, or even what product to buy, users resort to the internet to help make their decision. A star rating lower than four will turn away 57% of customers reading online reviews. This effect can be reversed as well. In addition, customers may never have heard of your business before, but reviews can tell them. 

Shopper reviews portray the actual profile of your business to potential customers and add to your digital reputation. They serve as the final nudge that convinces people to make purchasing decisions, as they help you: 

1- Increase your presence on the web

Reviews that indicate good quality, treatment, and services give your business a face and a reputation that customers can trust. Highlighting positive reviews through social media helps you to get noticed by more people and draw attention to your products or services. Customers are 62% more likely to purchase from a website or company with reviews.

online product reviews

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2- Improve your search engine rankings

Reviews contribute to SEO efforts. In other words, it helps you to have a chance of showing up in Google search results. According to Moz study guide, shopper reviews make up 15.44% of Google ranking factors; this means that the more reviews you have, the more your name will show up, helping your business to increase both its search engine rankings and customer base. 

Also, reviews help you get noticed locally. For example, when you look for a local restaurant, place, or shop, a 5-star rating is the first piece of information that appears as a review alongside Google.

3- Drive sales

Shopper reviews have become an invaluable source that consumers refer to before making any purchasing decisions. Ratings, positive words, feedback, and reviews are trusted 10 times more than other marketing materials showcasing social proof as well as a real and trusted business. As such, reviews can have a measurable impact on your sales, driving purchases, more customers, and profit.

For example, “Baby Johnson” makes more sales thanks to all the customers and especially mommies who leave 5-star reviews moms who are shopping for baby essentials are more convinced to buy after reading first-hand reviews from other moms.


Shopper reviews are effective marketing tools for boosting small businesses. According to the statistics presented, they appear to be an essential deciding factor for a lot of customers buying online as they make it easier for them to decide and choose. Also, reviews can contribute to a company’s reputation and trustworthiness, elevate its SEO ranking, drive more revenue, as well as position it miles ahead among competitors. That’s to say, reviews are unnegotiable in their importance and the success they bring to a certain business.

online product reviews

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