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STTM global warehouse and product supply

STTM: Global eCommerce Shipping & Supply solutions

Ship To The Moon (STTM) is a global product sourcing, inventory management, and logistic platform for dropshippers. As Apex Reviews App, we analysed all important features of this global dropshipping and product sourcing platform for you. 

STTM operates a network of global warehouses in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia to help online stores managing globally their product sourcing and fulfillment process easily without overhead costs.

Ship to the Moon in the framework of its business model develops the best strategy for your product sourcing and shipment needs through a well-defined business flow.

Once you are on board, the platform provides product sourcing services with the best price and quality policy and purchases the product through its top-notch inspection system to make sure 100% customer satisfaction.

Ship To The Moon then, stock your products in one of its global warehouses. Most importantly, it provides word-class branding and customization services for every single product without any minimum order quantity.

Last but not least, STTM ships your orders within 24 hours through its wide range of shipment and logistic options. 


The platform takes care of every aspect of your dropshipping needs from product sourcing to shipment logistics hassle-free otherwise highly complicated process. 

Product Sourcing

Ship To The Moon deploys its cutting-edge product sourcing software powered by artificial intelligence to find top-quality products at the most competitive pricing.

Relying on its years of experience in sourcing and its wide global supplier network, STTM is confident to employ the correct supplier matching entirely your budget and quality requirements for any product you look for.

STTM provides at your disposal a highly experienced professional sourcing team with a strong network of worldwide partners to help you scale your business with the most competitive price and reliable logistics.

Additionally, STTM offers top-quality services for freight forwarding and lightning shipment logistics. 

  • Ability to dedicate a sourcing agent for sourcing needs
  • Identify new suppliers for the right price and quality levels
  • On-going management of the supplier relationships (communication, quality control, shipments follow-up)

Warehouse Network

STTM stores safely your products in one of its North American, European, Asian, or Australian warehouse. Using its state-of-the-art ERP system, STTM manages your product inventory on your behalf.                                       

Quality Check

STTM make sure that all your products have been inspected before their dispatch so that your customers always receive their orders on time as they expect. 

STTM uses both automated and manual processes to provide world-class quality control.


STTM adopts a proprietary system to follow your orders and ensure that your orders are fulfilled and shipped flawlessly.

Taking advantage of its global warehouse networks and by comparing with numerous eCommerce shipping companies, STTM provides various shipping alternatives with favorable prices that can be personalized based on your business needs. 


STTM custom branding

In dropshipping business, branding is one of the most important aspects of the business’s success. 

Being conscious of the importance of branding, STTM provides white-label and custom packaging options without any minimum order quantity. 

Product Photography

STTM product photography

Ship To The Moon provides professional product photography and video service addressing perfectly another major shortcoming of the dropshipping business method.

TTM team contacts you to define the photo styles matching your business objectives. Photography service includes styles such as portrait, product scenario, lifestyle, products, model, and photo editing.

On top of photography service, STTM offers also professional videography service to enhance the presentation of your products. Video service includes product scenarios, storyboarding, product concepts, and product showcases.

Print on demand

Ship To The Moon offers also Print-on-demand (POD) service letting online stores develop customized POD product lines. POD services enable online stores to sell printed items under their brands without minimum order quantity limitations.

In this order fulfillment method, STTM processes your orders and ensures the shipment of your branded printed products from one of the global warehouses it operates. Furthermore, STTM’s quality control systems ensure not only the quality of the printing but also the product itself. 

Buying Stock

Beside dropshipping, STTM offers also buying stock service from affiliated factories. Buying stock service includes sourcing any product and shipping it to any location.

In the course of this service, you can also have only your logistics done if you need to bulk order from a specific supplier. Benefiting from their smart algorithm you will get the best quote from various logistic options available in the market based on your shipment need and destination. 

Buying stock plan includes these services:

Customs clearance

Your custom documents will be processed and taxes or duties payment will be done on your behalf. 


You will be covered by insurance services to prevent any unexpected loss


Your shipment can be scheduled based on your the supply chain planning.

Main features and services in a nutshell

  • From product sourcing to dropshipping, from stocking to branding, and from warehouse to your customers, every detail has been covered.
  • Integration with all major eCommerce platforms
  •  Intelligent systems to automate the search for the most competitive prices in product sourcing and vast supplier base to ensure better prices.
  • Guaranteed, transparent contracts with producers and pricing without markup.
  • Has its own logistics company ensuring the ability to ship whiting 24 hours.
  • Free storage and free inventory management without any hidden charges.
  • Speeding up the shipping process by taking care of complicated paperwork such as tariffs, duties, and taxation forms.
  • Free white labeling 
  • On-demand printing for your brand customizations without minimum quantity limitation
  • No set-up fee
  • Broad options of payment methods such as Payoneer, PayPal, ACH, Wire transfer, and Credit card.
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