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As Apex Reviews, Klaviyo App integration is important to us because it’s one of the most preferred email platforms in Shopify with top-notch targeting and personalized marketing features.

It provides an advanced level of insights about customer browsing behaviors and activities such as the motivations and reasons behind clicks, bounces, and purchases.

 Using this highly personalized information based on customers’ recent shopping behaviors, It enables ultra-specific segmentation for running smart customer targeting and follow-ups via email and SMS campaigns based on their most likely next shopping time and products.

Klaviyo App is a perfect platform to interact with your customers based on intuitive learning identifying what works best and what doesn’t work and when for each customer.

How You Can Benefit From Klaviyo App?

-Create brand awareness, send abandon cart recovery emails, post purchase thank you emails, upsell & cross sell emails and many more through fully automated email flows.
-Build and send smart marketing and remarketing email/SMS campaigns based on powerful segmentation and predictive analytics.

Main  Features:

Seamless integration with Shopify

One-click integration with Shopify ensures well-informed interaction with your customers through all kinds of email and SMS marketing. Tracking every customer’s in-store behavior let Klaviyo App run remarketing campaigns with high precision and conversion rates.

200+ Integrations

Klaviyo App’s large-scale integration portfolio plays an important role in collecting historical and real-time data about customers from many software resources at the same time. The ability to capture all necessary information about real-time customer behavior lets Klaviyo App to built accurate personal profiles  and granular segmentation.

Powerful Segmentation

Merging transactional and behavioral data enables sensible segmentation which is crucial for managing interactions with customers with the most relevant message at the right time.

Pre-built autoresponders

Save time, get inspired, and benefit from best practices for increased conversions through pre-built email templates and sign-up forms. Moreover use the drag-and-drop editor to customize easily the templates of your choice.

Data Management and Analytics

Convert the data extracted from multi-source into predictive analytics that can forecast in realtime customers’ future behaviors such as next order date, order cart value, lifetime value, etc.

ROI-based reporting

Enjoy reports with attributed revenue. Hence, it’s more than easy to monitor each campaign’s outcome with the corresponding revenue to better understand what is performing best and calibrate accordingly next campaigns.

How to build social proof with Klaviyo App

How to create a Klaviyo flow to collect reviews

One of the best ways to build social proof and create customer engagement with your brand is to send review request emails to your customers. 

Klaviyo App offers flow messages just to do that. With Klaviyo App automated emails you can ask your customers to write a review about what they shopped. 

To send email requests to your customers, you can use directly Klaviyo App’s ready-to-use flow, ‘product review/cross-sell’, and customize it based on your preferences. You can also build a review flow from scratch. 

Setting flow triggers and filters

When building your review request email trigger you can opt for either Placed Order or Fulfilled Order. However, Fulfilled Order as a trigger provides better insight regarding when received the product thanks to the shipment tracking. 

It is important to note that the timing of the sent review request email should leave enough time for customers to use and evaluate the products that they purchase. That’s why the default ‘product review/cross-sell’ flow uses the Fulfilled Order as a flow trigger.

On the other hand, you can use filters to create different flows based on purchase value, the number of items purchased, previous purchased, etc. 

Using filters allows you to build more precisely targeted different flows such as sending emails only to customers who bought an item valued more than $100, who made X number of purchases’ purchased X named product or purchasing for the first time. 

Flow filters are great for targeting more engaged customers more likely to leave positive reviews. The ability to target customers based on filters provides also the ability to build flow with conditional splits. 

That’s the way you can send emails with different content to your VIP and first-time customers for example. 


The timing of the sent email has a crucial role in their success. Sending review request emails to your customers before the delivery of their order and before that they had a chance to use them would be simply undesirable. 

Therefore, managing the timing of the email request flow is one of the best advantages. 

According to Klaviyo App best time to send review request emails is 14 days after the shipment of the order. 

online product reviews

Generate organic reviews from actual buyers through automated and scheduled review request emails

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This two weeks period is great to make sure that your customers receive their products and have time to use them and consequently can write a review based on their experience. 

Hence, you can set a time delay for your review request email flow. The time delay will make sure that your email is sent after a certain time once the trigger is activated (fulfillment of your order for example).


Using dynamic content in the email request flow will ensure that each customer receives a different message based on what they purchased. You can also add a product feed into your email request email content to generate cross-sell revenue for your store. 

Unfortunately, Klaviyo App doesn’t support the in-email review option which lets customers to write a review directly from the review. 

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