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According to several studies, more than 90% of consumers check web reviews before they make a purchase. So, the more reviews a product has, the more sales and revenues it will have.

However, what about gathering web reviews? What strategies help businesses in collecting and collect product reviews from customers?

online product reviews

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So, we are sharing 8 different strategies for complete web reviews management that will help you gather more product reviews and testimonials on your website.
Let’s dig in.


Product review gathering

When customers are satisfied with your quality of services and products, they will leave you a web review if you ask and tell them how much it’s important and means to you.

So, probably, asking for web reviews on social media is a great way to have access to your customer base. Your fans and most loyal customers are already available and following you and your updates on social media platforms so that you can garner additional reviews by simply asking them.


Review request email

Ask them to share their experience directly in the review form or direct them to a survey and ask if they would like their answers to be posted – you’ll be benefiting in both of these scenarios.

One of the most effective ways to generate and gather new web reviews is through sending follow-up or automatic email requests. According to several pieces of research, nearly 80% of all review content is generated from email requests.

Customers are more willing to rate or write a review after they receive and use your items. After that, send them a follow-up email that contains a direct link to write a review to check if they are satisfied with your products and quality or to inform them that you are taking reviews and feedback on their experience to enhance your quality of products and services; and if you want you can also ask them if they would like their answers and reviews to be posted— you’ll reap the benefits in both cases.


Customer reviews -Sms review collection

In case some customers forgot the password of their emails or even do not have one, you can reach them via text messages and send them links to your review page after their purchase.


Product Review Page

Create a page on your website just for customer reviews so that customers can have a place to leave a review — wherein you can connect and feature each product with a link to write a review. 

For example, Apex Reviews has a specific page made for reviews known as a happy customer’s page in which all the products of the website are present there with a rating feature and a box for leaving reviews and feedback.


The QR Code on product packaging redirects customers directly to the review page for your business. All it takes is that customers scan your code via their phones and input their ratings or reviews, which you then receive a copy of via email.

In addition, QR Codes can be also printed on business cards which links them to the review site of your choosing. The card shows instructions on how to use the code to write a review and publish it.

So, QR Code is one of the easiest ways to allow customers to access your review page directly without searching for a long time for the name or the address of the business — it is an easy strategy that allows customers to write and share their reviews as well as encourages more to do so.

online product reviews

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Rewarding reviewers

Rewarding customers who leave visual reviews with incentives like discount codes, 10% coupons, or free shipping is a great way to encourage them to make another purchase and keep writing more reviews.

Also, as a business, you can award customers with a loyalty card in exchange for a web review. For example, each time they leave a web review for one of your products, they earn points; then, these points are accumulated and translated into exclusive prizes, free products, or other benefits.

This strategy is satisfactory for both parties wherein customers benefit from awards and businesses from gaining web reviews and thus increasing sales.

Loyalty Program and review collection


About 55% of customers don’t write a review unless they got awarded. So, as a business, you can run a monthly or weekly giveaway on your website, email newsletters, and social media channels by which you choose a random customer from those who leave you web reviews and give him the promised prize.

online product reviews

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Also, for example, if you are running a bag shop, make a contest on the Instagram story by which customers share their photos wearing your bags and the one who takes the highest votes will win a gift voucher or freebie.

These strategies motivate users to share their photos or written reviews which ultimately increases sales and profits.


Thank customers and show them that their reviews are valuable by posting them including their images and names on your social channels, like Amazon and Shein, to encourage and motivate other customers to send web reviews so that they can be featured on your page as well. 

Pro Tip: if a foreign customer writes a review in a language different from that of the website, Apex Reviews can easily manage that by translating the review into any desired understandable language which is a unique feature of the site.

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