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visual reviews and SEO

Visual reviews are a necessity for every company to integrate into its website to build a strong online presence.

The social proof in visual reviews persuades customers to make a purchase and make their decisions faster without hesitation and with greater confidence.


1-Visual Reviews Improve SEO

Photo reviews and SEO

Businesses that have a large customer base with a large number of star ratings, visual reviews, and feedback improve search engine ranking and are more likely to appear on the front page of Google.

Google now powers and prioritizes visual reviews over regular written reviews. So, when customers leave lots of photo reviews, your brand name will be repeated many times. This means, whenever someone searches for keywords related to your branded products, your business brand will get the benefits of ranking for both photo rank and search result rank.

Photo reviews - social proof

Customers mainly follow websites that have traffic, huge followers, reviews, ratings, and specifically photo reviews. The latter is a strong form of social proof which attracts a large customer base.

Using visual reviews and videos from customers in which they are applying and using your products helps to create trust and a stronger connection with new customers towards your brand.

In addition, visual reviews: portray social proof through:

  • Help customers visualize the quality of the products
  • Build trust and encourage new ones to buy from them with confidence.
  • Provide more information about your products
  • Give customers the comfort that the business is authentic

3-Visual Reviews Build Your Credibility

Over 59% of customers swipe through customer photo reviews before checking for written feedback. So, once they see real photos from other customers, they directly trust the brand and tend to follow it and make purchases. Research shows that 60% of consumers believe UGC-like photo reviews is 3x more authentic and trustworthy than brand-created content.

Without a physical showroom, customers will not be able to visualize the quality, touch or smell the items, so shoppers rely on your high-quality product images, detailed descriptions, and real customer photo reviews which all in all confirm that your items live up to your images and descriptions and that they are not fake.

Brand trust and credibility are a must for a business to grow and build its name among customers. Almost 85% of shoppers won’t buy from a brand they do not trust or that seems inauthentic but choose a brand with a high reputation. Even if you have loyal customers, your business still needs credibility to retain and attract shoppers.

online product reviews

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Also, a few negative reviews are not going to change the reputation of a certain business that has built its trustworthiness and has been guaranteed to its customers. And oppositely, a website with 5-star reviews and only positive reviews would seem fake and illegitimate.

4-Visual Reviews Boost Sales

Photo reviews and sales increase

According to the recent study of Harvard Business School, online reviews can noticeably boost your bottom line. And according to another study, online photo reviews are proven to increase profits up to 18% with additional advantages of increasing repurchase, and conversion rates. Also, a Berkeley study in the recent years also shows that a half-star improvement helps restaurants fill up 30-45% more during peak hours.

Businesses with high star ratings, positive reviews, and real visual reviews drive more sales. To illustrate, people tend to trust shops or restaurants that have high engagement from another people, high stars, real feedbacks, and mainly photo reviews. So, reviews play a crucial role in customer interaction and attraction which ultimately leads to improved profits.

In addition, increasing a half star rating on Yelp or Google enhances sales by a fair amount of 5% to 9% within a short time. Even just a small rating increase triggers a massive influence on revenue.

5-Visual Reviews Spread Your Brand

Photo reviews and branding

Visual reviews are said to be influential and viral because they motivate other customers to purchase and send their photo reviews.

When customers post their visual reviews on different platforms such as Instagram, people can easily view your website and be familiar with your quality of services and thus your brand name will be automatically spread. So, somehow this kind of review is considered free marketing to the brand which adds to its reputation.

If you want to get beautiful visual reviews for your store, Apex Reviews app will be your perfect choice! We can help you to import real photo reviews from Apex Reviews to your store with an easy and efficient process!

6-Visual Reviews Influence Shopper’s Buying Decisions

Visual reviews are worth thousands of words. Almost 40% of consumers say that they wouldn’t buy online items without checking for photo reviews first— they allow customers to visually connect with the products and boost their confidence in making buying decisions.

Customers are more willing to purchase if there is a customer image associated with the product or when seeing the products on someone else. This helps them to visualize how the items will fit into them; for example, buyers check photo reviews of people with the same skin tone, body type, weight, or height to make their purchases.

Photo reviews and customer behavior

These are real photo reviews from customers using IFRAN products for hair. By sending lots of these reviews, they helped other customers to try the products as well as the brand to boost more sales.

Another example is even if you include detailed information on exact sizes, dimensions, or colors, there will always be dissatisfied customers. To illustrate, customers will complain that, for example, the bag didn’t meet our expectations, it was different than the pictures, too small, too big, and low quality, … So, photo reviews should be provided by websites to prevent bad customer experiences.

online product reviews

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