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Customer engagement strategy

Customer engagement strategy is vital for every business to create deep interactions with its customer base to foster brand loyalty and revenues. There are multi-tactics and methods brands can implement to attract potential customers, have higher customer retention rates, better customer experience, and boost user engagement, these customer engagement strategies are not complicated or daunting.

In this article, you’ll find 6 proven strategies to increase customer engagement for your business brand.

Let’s get started.


The following are 6 strategies for increasing customer engagement:


Delivering a great customer experience shows customers that you value their money and commitment to your brand. So that when you answer their queries, solve their problems, address their complaints, consider their feedback, and serve their interests, they will highly engage with your brand and return the efforts through repurchasing and sharing their experience with their referrals.

As a brand, providing a consistent omnichannel experience is highly effective to engage with customers. For example, reaching customers across multiple channels like websites, applications, SMS, social media platforms, or even a retail store helps customers to interact with your brand, create shared experiences, and stay notified and up to date.

Also, stay connected with your customers; for example, run giveaways, always update your content, be active on stories and posts, take your customer’s opinions, and launch new events. In this way, customers will be highly engaged and will always wait for your posts and offers.

Happy and satisfied customers would likely be lifelong customers of your brand, so how about sharing their experience with their referrals?

When you satisfy customers, exceed their expectations, and deliver a good experience with your brand, they probably want others to experience it as well, so they refer to their referrals to share their experience such as family, friends, or colleagues without being prompted.

Nearly 84% of businesses reported high customer engagement from delivering a good customer experience.


Sharing relevant content and information that is quite helpful and understandable is a key feature for increasing customer engagement and keeping open communication with them. Distributing content, practical techniques, tutorials, and tips for product usage through creating videos, user guides, articles, blogs, and social posts via various channels catch customers’ attention and eyes since they love knowing certain products and in that way, they will surely engage with your brand.

There are lots of different customer engagement platforms. These customer engagement portals offer ready-to-use customer engagement software featuring lots of activities and content boosting customer interaction with your brand, your products, and even with other customers.


Customer engagement and product reviews

Reviews are extremely important for a business to engage more customers and absolutely to show its legitimacy. For example, whenever a customer gives a feedback, photo or video review of a certain product, businesses should screenshot the review and upload it to the website. In this way, you show customers that you value and care about their feedbacks and other customers will trust the site and be convinced to purchase from its items; however, websites with few or even zero reviews lack customer purchases and engagement because they are untrustworthy.

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Another essential aspect of increasing customer engagement is through asking customers for their feedback. Such a way helps you to develop your brand, know what features you should prioritize, surface issues, and reveal what is not available in terms of support, … So, gathering and asking customers about their reviews shows how much you care about their opinion on your products and services and thus engages more customers into your business.


brand reputation and customer engagement

Storytelling goes far in generating customer engagement. Writing about how you started your business gives customers a reason to believe in your company.

Everyone has the curiosity to know how a certain business started, and what are the factors that helped for its launch, so by providing details in your story that triggers customer’s interest, you will be able to attract new customers and endorse engagement. Thus, storytelling drives deep and strong connections with your customers.


Push notifications are a gentle strategy that is proven to increase user engagement by 80%. They are used as targeted messages and reminders to notify customers about new collection, special offers, news, or a specific event. So, when customers subscribe to receive notifications, they are choosing to engage with the brand.


Loyalty program and customer engagement

Customer loyalty programs are an effective engagement strategy that boosts both brand loyalty and retention rates. They serve as attracting agents wherein customers will not likely resort to competitors in order not to miss out on additional value they could reap from your store.

Your rewards program should match the quality of products and course meet your customers’ expectations. They act as powerful incentives to value and reward loyal customers for their continuous engagement with your brand through:

  • Offering points, discount codes, special gifts, or coupons
  • Sharing customer’s story of using your brand wherein it had a key function in solving an issue, reaching more people, …
  • Free shipping
  • Offering VIP card
online product reviews

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